A Confluence of Artistry, Craft, and Your Distinct Touch.


A Confluence of Artistry, Craft, and Your Distinct Touch.

Introducing The Collective

Where Your Beauty Takes Center Stage...

Step into the spotlight with 'The Collective by Le Boudoir'. Here, models are more than just subjects - they're collaborators, contributing to the creation of captivating looks. Guided by the masterful touch of Alena Artistry, embark on a journey of transformation and discovery. It's more than just a makeover; it's where your insights and our expertise harmoniously blend, crafting looks that are both contemporary and timeless. Revel in the magic of beauty in the making, all while enjoying complimentary sessions and exclusive perks. If you've ever dreamed of channeling your inner muse, now's your chance. Join us, and let your beauty inspire.

Meet The Artist:


A touch of New York flair meets timeless elegance in Alena's makeup and hair artistry. Trained amidst the city's finest, Alena's hands have graced both bustling studios and intimate events with equal finesse. At the heart of 'The Collective', she brings her vast experience, ensuring every collaboration is steeped in artistry, understanding, and the gentle magic of beauty.

Why Join The Collective?

  • Be at the Forefront of Beauty Trends: As a model, experience firsthand the latest styles and techniques that the beauty world has to offer.

  • Collaborative Creation: Your insights matter. Play a pivotal role in the crafting of looks that blend contemporary style with timeless elegance.

  • Exclusive Perks and Sessions: Enjoy complimentary sessions, unique beauty perks, and an insider's view into the world of beauty artistry.

  • High-Quality Portfolios: Not only will you be a part of the creation, but you'll also receive professionally taken photographs that celebrate the collaboration.

  • Become a Trendsetter: With the collective's emphasis on modern styles, you'll often find yourself wearing looks that others will soon follow.