Why Us?

Why Us?

Boudoir (noun): A woman’s dressing room; or private room.

Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir is not just a Blow Dry and Beauty Bar, it’s your personal dressing room. When you’re with us it’s easy to be yourself. So just rest and relax while we bring you from pretty to gorgeous.


Blowing out your own hair and doing your own makeup is just too time consuming and too much work. We keep it simple, clean, and timely by avoiding harsh chemicals and getting you looking (and feeling) your best in 45 minutes.


Our hair and beauty artists are at your service any time, any place, armed with every tool and product necessary to quickly beautify your day. Whether you’re at home or at Le Boudoir, we are there to take care of you.

Just Because

We know you’re a busy woman. We also know that sometimes life can stress us out and anytime, for whatever reason, you just need to feel better. Le Boudoir can provide you with the boost you need to take on the day, the gala, the interview, the date…it’s up to you.