Far than being a typical hair salon or a salon neither at all, Le Boudoir is your Blow Dry and Beauty Bar!

Our daily mantra may sound as simple as delightfully elevate you from pretty to gorgeous, but it’s how we go about our objective that makes all the difference and sets us apart from all other hair salons!

Our philosophy revolves around making style accessible alongside comfort!

Le boudoir beauty

At Le Boudoir, our guests are treated like family rather than just a number or a faceless customer. We believe it’s more important to spend your time enjoying a new look rather than spending all your time getting it, our process takes less than 40 minutes giving you the opportunity to make getting gorgeous a part of your day instead of your WHOLE day. Besides we make sure to ban harsh chemical products from our beauty process, we bet on natural friendly products and the finest of our experts techniques to sublime your look!