Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Le Boudoir is not your typical salon. Well, to be fair, we’re not really a salon at all. We’re  a Blow Dry and Beauty Bar. Our main objective is to elevate people from pretty to gorgeous. It sounds simple but it’s how we go about about our objective that really sets us apart. The difference is all about style and comfort.
Our guests are treated like family. Because our process takes less than 40 minutes we never keep people waiting for long, giving everyone the opportunity to make getting gorgeous a part of their day instead of their WHOLE day. We believe it’s more important to spend your time enjoying a new look rather than spending all your time getting your new look.

Unlike most salons, we keep harsh chemicals out of the beauty process. There are no intoxicating sprays or liquids to insult your senses, just natural products and some great technique to make our guests feel their best.

Our close knit staff loves what they do. Because we are located in a small town, we are able to share our skills on a person to person basis. Guests become a member of the Le Boudoir family rather than just a number or a faceless client.

Every encounter, every moment, is made more special by the happiness of our guests. You see, it’s not enough to make someone feel gorgeous. We let you know you’re gorgeous, both inside and out.