About the Owner

About the Owner

Mamoune Tazi – Bio

Mamoune Tazi is the celebrated owner and lead beautician at Le Boudoir. A salon veteran, Mamoune has been in the beauty industry nearly his entire life. His belief is that beauty is not about creating a look; it’s about creating a feeling.

Mamoune’s specialty is the blowout. For him it represents the perfect way to give women both a gorgeous look and a gorgeous feeling. He’s seen that it brings the biggest smiles, as it’s the final touch, the cherry on top that makes the dessert.

His desire to inspire a gorgeous feeling comes from his Moroccan roots. The sensibilities of Moroccan hospitality follow that everyone should feel at home, where generosity has no limits. This hospitality translates to Le Boudoir where Mamoune treats his guests with nothing less than the best.

Mamoune went to school in New York City at Carsten institute where he learned French cutting techniques, then worked in a few NYC salons such as the highly rated Devachan before moving back to Greenwich. It was here at Jaafar Tazi salon where he learned about the latest and trendiest styles and refined his overall technique.
Ultimately though, he started Le Boudoir in New Canaan to cater to women who wanted a luxurious experience, that was simple and clean, where they could feel at home. “We want our guests to leave their concerns behind and travel to a place where everything revolves around their well being.” That place is Le Boudoir where a woman is a queen and the experience is second to none.